louisville gas and electric works in partnership with the liheap program to "help customers in need during crisis months to pay their bills and keeps their customers on the grid." I have recently ran into a little nasty greedy deception they use that they will not tell you about and the liheap program has been told not to tell you so here is how it goes....you are having very hard times and try to do the right thing and make payment arrangements but can not keep payments they have set for you when you call and they threaten to shut you off. They instruct you to use the liheap program and you go in with all the paper work by the book following to a point every single rule they make.

They inform you that during the coldest months oct through say feb that this is crisis season and that you do not have to have your brown bill but everyone gets the same amount no matter what. This is simply not true as you will see if you spend some time at liheap finding out hey how much they cover for you you will see almost instantly they are handing out different amounts. The idea they have is if your bill is say 700.-800. like ours was then liheap may pay say 126.

like they did ours and our income is 740. a month, so again they pay 126. so then they say call lg and e to make payment arrangements on the remainder of the due amount which is now 600.-700. You call lg and e they say oh we can not take less than 200.-300.

or we WILL shut you off.This is the part that they snag you on......here it is if in our case liheap paid 126. of the aboive amount bill of 700.-800. then you only have to come up with the total including liheaps amount of 200. period.

a third of the total bill then they must give you 30 day extention and make arrangements with you for the remainder over the next 10 months. yes they must divide up the remaining 631. over over the next 10 months or until oct the following yr. so here is how it will be you go to liheap with a bill of 700.-800.

and they pay 126. the total we had left was 631.00 so take 631.00 and divide it by 10 in addition to any new balance a mth good for you and yours but not lg and e they would and will shut off your electric over 72.00 in the coldest mths. just to be greedy and nasty they have said it straight from the horses mouth (administration) to me that they do not offer any wiggle room to their customers what so ever to truly help them they want as much as they can get at the time its all about the money. Take everything i have said and throw it out the window if liheap does in some strange twist and pay half the amount due cause then its 30 day extention and then they will work out the rest of the amount as i said above, you always say if your bill is 500.00 and liheap pays 250.00 you get a 30 day extention and then do the math yourself 250.00 divide by say 10 mths cause that is where we are now so 10 which is 25.00 a month in addition to your normal monthly payment.

see this is not good for them cause it helps you a loop hole and they wil get pissed that you know it i promise you. do not let them say during the call that no we have to do 100.00 a mth cause that is NOT the case at that point call the public service comissioner office in frankfort and tell them they will not work with you cause once you set an amount for payment arraingements and say its for 100.00 and then you cant pay that amount you will default and the whole rest of 250.00 becomes due no matter what they are complete selfish pig *** over this they do not care. you are a dollar sign to them and they do not care about how sick you are they do not care about nothing but the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!please educate yourself before you find yourself with six kids and a half dead husband and no electric and you have done everything you can.

look up stuff on the public service commisioners website they over see the lg and e only the gov over sees the water and they can be reached by 311 public service commisioners office in franfort is 502 564 3940.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

I didn't like: That they lie and are greedy and use their customers.

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