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I admit being lazy about paying bills and I did receive a brown notice on one of my three accounts. One gas bill and two electric bills were due on 1/17 and I did not sit down to do the bills until the end of the month.

My bill pay feature through my bank gave me the option of paying the three bills on 2/3 at the earliest and I stupidly chose to do that because it was easier for me. In the evening of 2/3 I felt like it was getting cold in the house and found that my gas was turned off. As it was 8:30 at night I decided to just check that the payment had gone through and to call LG&E in the morning. About 8:30 am I called and was told that they did show that the bill had been paid and would schedule a time to reconnect.

Someone had to be home because they have to check pilots. I asked if they could give me an idea what time someone would be here and was told I would receive a call to set this up. We verified the phone number. Since at this point the house temp was about 60 degrees and falling (and I have a polyurethane floor that is curing) I birddogged the phone all day and was home looking for them all day.

At 5:30 pm (still on 2/4) I called the customer service line again to ask if they would still be coming out. I was told that someone had knocked on the front door at 12:45 in the afternoon, no one answered so they left and put me on the schedule for the next day. This is a duplex apartment with a locked foyer) and two doorbells! So anyway the agent put me on hold to check if they could get me back on for that evening.

They said they would and said they would put a note that the owner would be there for sure. The time would be anytime between then and 11:00 pm. I birddog the phone and sit bundled up on the couch until after 11:00 waiting for them. The temperature in the house is now approaching 50 degrees and the outside temp is dropping.

At 7:30 am I call the customer service line and I am told that they KNOCKED on the door again at 7:00 pm the night before, except I stayed in the front room the entire evening to make sure I would not miss them if they decided to not use the doorbell again. They put me back on the schedule and told me to leave the door unlocked and leave a note on the door with the date and a signature authorizing them to enter the house. I did this right away and now it is almost 12:00 pm and the temperature in the house is too low to register on my thermostat which goes down to 50 degrees. The low temp last night was about 15 degrees last night.

It's about 20 degrees outside right now. Thank god I was able to send my 6 year old to her other parents house since there has been no heat or hot water here for approaching two days. I am about to call again. If they were delivering pizzas they would have called me or given it to me for free.

What kind of service call people are less capable and accountable than the pizza delivery guy? Wish me luck.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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