Got a call at work from wife, electric is turned off. Called LGE to find out what was going on, they said I was in disconnect status because my payment was late.

I asked why I did not receive a brown disconnect statement, an e-mail, a phone call, or even a knock on the door. I was told that they mailed a disconnect notice and that my postal carrier must not be doing their job. Always been in good standing with LGE, never had my service disconnected in the past, and have paid them thousands of dollars in the past year alone. The disconnect was supposedly over $220 that was late by 12 days.

I was charged a reconnect fee for their negligence. Amazingly, the commonwealth of kentucky allows businesses like this to operate whatever way they want to.

Attorney General and Public Service Commission both said that because LGE "claims" they sent a disconnect notice that there is no action they can take against them. I suppose I should just claim that I paid the bill on time, since all it takes is a false claim to justify WRONG actions.

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